Learn Node.js by Example: An Online Course in Node.js

Getting started with Node.js? Looking to learn more? Wondering why I haven't been posting as much lately? The answer to all these questions and more:


I'm proud to introduce "Learn Node.js by Example", a full-featured course hosted on Udemy.com.

From the course description:

In this course, you will learn to develop applications using Node.js, a cutting-edge technology designed to deliver fast, scalable network applications. Beginners will start by learning how to install Node.js, and how to work with the framework and its modules. In additon to informative slides, students will learn by doing, developing node.js application through a series of screencasts developing increasingly advanced applications.

I decided to create this course to provide the directed, in-depth learning experience that is difficult to achieve with isolated tutorials and blog posts. I've designed the course to be centered around example projects, allowing students to see real code, follow along, and learn by doing. The course features detailed screencasts, guiding students through the design and development of node.js projects. In addition, I've also included lecture slides on basic concepts and additional development exercises for each project, giving students an opportunity to flex their design and coding muscles by adding new features to the course projects.

The first version of the course is available here, right now. I will also be continually enhancing and adding content to the course to improve it. Subscribers to Udemy.com courses have access to all future content and improvements, indefinitely, so you will have immediate access to updates and added material. Udemy.com also offers Live Sessions, a feature allowing instructors to schedule sessions to interact in real-time with students to teach, demonstrate or answer questions. This is an exciting feature that I plan to take advantage of in the future.

This by no means indicates that I will be posting on this blog less - in fact, now that I've finished the initial push to get the course ready, I'll be able to post more. The course is, however, a way to offer a more formal, in-depth learning experience for aspiring Node.js developers. Feedback is very welcome, and greatly appreciated!