Node.js: A Guided Tour

Today I was pleased to give a talk at the very successful Pittsburgh TechFest 2012, entitled: "Node.js: A Guided Tour".


Here is the session description:

This session is intended as an introduction to Node.js, a hot open-source technology increasingly gaining popularity within the developer community. Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine that enables fast, scalable, real-time network applications written in JavaScript. We'll talk about what node.js is, how it works, and its best use cases. As well as talking about node.js itself, we'll also discuss the community surrounding it, and some of the powerful modules created to enhance or simplify its capabilities, such as Express and Finally, we'll go through some brief code examples to show just how easy it is to leverage node.js in your projects.

I've posted my slides on Slideshare. They can be accessed here:

Node.js: A Guided Tour - Slides

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